Monday, October 13, 2014

Your Holy Guardian Angel

IMG 8420 Light show Begins here!
It was like an angel of light in the sky ... at Urunga NSW
Your Holy Guardian Angel is the embodiment of your Higher Self. It is the link between your soul and the Divine Source out of which the Divine Spark of your soul emerged long before this incarnation.

Some people also call it the Inner Teacher or Spiritual Guide. It appears in a human (or human-like) form, either as an angel or as an old, wise man or woman. It occasionally also appears as a being of light or an awe-inspiring figure consisting of fire.

Guardian Angel. Statue on the Krasnystaw's cem...
Guardian Angel. Statue on the Krasnystaw's cemetery. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If it appears in the form of an angel it often has wings, sometimes more than one pair - in ancient texts we read of angels with four, sometimes even six pairs of wings. ... Its task is to help you find the right way in your life, and its advice will always further you spiritually.

It will, however, not tolerate you asking questions of him which you can find out for yourself. It will also not tell you anything which you are not ready for. It will always spur your further development on down the path of light, and, should you turn to dark powers and false paths, it will withdraw from you, leaving you alone, waiting until you again turn to the light.

If your motives are impure it will not appear, but, if your intentions are pure it will never leave your side.  (exerpt from Qabbalah) read more.
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