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Exploration Licenses to mine Uranium.

Dubbo, NSW
Dubbo, NSW (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A riotous decision by N.S.W. Energy and Resources Minister Anthony Roberts with the decision to invite six companies to apply for exploration Licenses to mine Uranium.

Yes, you heard correct, N.S.W. is developing its first uranium mine, with six companies invited to apply for exploration licenses.
Anthony Roberts, said,
"Uranium exploration will allow the N.S.W. government to better understand the extent of the state’s reserves and any potential economic benefits".
“Companies that apply for and are granted an exploration license will only be allowed to perform low-impact exploration and environmental monitoring. Any other activities will require further approvals."
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Two years ago N.S.W. overturned a uranium exploration ban. Mining uranium is still a highly restricted activity. The madness in all of this is  is now in the throes of development of its first uranium mine.

The three locations that have been earmarked for exploration in N.S.W..  These are in the proximity of  Broken Hill, south of Dubbo and at Cobar.  Robert's said it was so N.S.W. could better understand its reserves and he is only looking at this venture from an economic perspective once again ignoring the obvious dangers of mining this substance.

The companies he invited are as follows:  Australian Zirconia, Callabonna Resources, EJ Resources, Hartz Rare Earths, Iluka Resources and Marmota Energy. 

The Resources Minister was then reported to have said,
"They've got six months to put a licence application in and then we'll move on to the next step of ensuring that drilling practises and so forth are stringently modelled and controlled."
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