Saturday, October 11, 2014

DIY - Stoves in a hurry!

IMG 2263 Fire at Dayne's Place
Besser blocks are so plentiful, usually people have a few hanging around behind the shed or under the house.  This is the reason we decided to make one.  I love to make things from what ever I can and I want too show my kids that they can too if they read this blog one day. 
The idea is so easy with just four Besser concrete blocks and a couple of minutes of your time and you can be cooking on your outdoor stove and enjoying this. 

This type of rocket stove comes in handy if the electricity is off or if you have no money to pay the bill but you still have to cook for your children.  Take control of the situation instead of looking for a handout because of bad budgeting procedures and build a rocket stove.  Cooking fires are not illegal if they are tended at all times and are used for cooking.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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