Wednesday, June 01, 2016

War Rugs documenting a life of War.

russian war rug

War Rug 

I am writing about the war rugs again.  I went looking for the post I wrote a few years back which I recall writing it in my early blogging days.   I was so green in those days. 

If I find it will endeavor to link it to this post. 

The War Rugs are apart of normal life in these countries and its like telling stories here in Australia with the first peoples and the cave and rock painting  and the oral dreaming stories.  The war rugs for these peoples is a record of life woven in carpet. The lives of these people have been have been influenced by war because its all they have ever known.  When I first learned of such a thing as a War Rug I was horrified that the ideology of war was so great it was in their traditional creative works

We must not forget that these are the people who created the Persian Rugs.  They have been rug makers for centuries.  A rug was a temporary floor in the desert.

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