Tuesday, May 31, 2016

USE of a Carriage Laws

There have been times when I firmly had the self destruct button on fast because in the past I had hoped to be locked up for abusing politicians who don't do their jobs. I am a citizen of this land.  I have paid the high price of having government as a parent.

I just don't make the grade though. I often say they are idiots and deserve a bully ants nest to make them wake up. Is that abusive? Gosh I don't know anything anymore.

 I feel like I am caught in a really bad dream.

I felt sorry for Nova because I knew this would happen to her eventually. I knew this from the onset and I wrote about how she would be chewed up and spat out because she is not one of them.

Quite frankly, I felt she was being used as the Captains pick. I believe now that with the aid of hindsight I was absolutely correct because she sobbed as she said goodbye and afterwards she was viciously attacked on twitter by an osteopath from the Central Coast with racial slurs.  I thought osteopaths were higher minded than he showed.  There is definitely hope for me yet.

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