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Digging a hole into the Snowy Hydro People to see whos who in this zoo.

IMG 9623  The Mighty Manning River
RED ENERGY is wholly and solely owned by the Snowy Hydro Limited.  A majority of Australians have felt good about ditching their filthy energy provider for Red Energy.  They say they are not involved in CSG and they say they get their power from hydro.  Hydro has also caused a lot of issues in regards to the environment.  The rivers down there are in trouble.  Australia's largest river the Murray has serious issues.  There is Geo-engineering for cloud seeding to create snow to continue with the hydro system because the rivers are drying up.  The purpose here today though is to see the dirty connections those that sit on the board of Snowy Hydro Limited have had or still have to Gas, Water and Mining.  What bothers me most is the fact they have their fingers in so many dirty poisonous little pies.   It reminds me of the stickiest spider web of sickness.
Here is a complete list of the present board from their website :

Bruce Hogan AM

BEc (Hons), FAICD
Appointed 15 May 2006

Bruce HoganMr Hogan is Chairman of Primary Ethics Limited and a director of The Stolen Generations’ Testimonies Foundation. He is a former Joint Managing Director of Bankers Trust Australia Limited, former Chairman of Adelaide Casino and a former director of NSW Treasury Corporation, Energy Australia, Coles Myer Limited, Metcash Limited, Funds South Australia and GIO Australia Limited. He is also a former Chairman of State Super Financial Services Australia Ltd.

*** Primary Ethics, now Mr Hogan is Chairman of that committee and as far as I can see Primary Ethics is a public company teaching children THEIR ETHICS.  It is disguised as a form of common sense because there is no longer scripture classes in schools and this is meant to fill that void.  There is some merit to the idea but I would be very suspect of rich people teaching anything ethics to anyone let alone my dog even. 
From their website :

Primary Ethics Limited is a public company limited by guarantee. It was formed by St James Ethics Centre and incorporated on November 4, 2010. ABN: 28147194349.
From a standing start in December 2010 and with very limited funding from a few philanthropists, Primary Ethics has grown to 1,500 volunteers with over 1,200 teachers delivering ethics classes to around 20,000 students in more than 300 schools.
Composed almost entirely of volunteers, Primary Ethics is managed by a small group of paid staff. We intend to grow the organisation and employ a core group of professionals who will continue to drive the growth of Primary Ethics until all children in NSW who don't go to scripture classes will have the option of attending an ethics class, rather than doing nothing meaningful during that time each week.
The Stolen Generations Testimonies Foundation [SGTF] is the other presently held position held by Mr Hogan Chairman of Snowy Hydro.  This is another area of suspect nature, mainly because Rio Tinto are involved in looking like good guys documenting aboriginal testimonies with one hand and killing every last bit of living culture with the other hand.  Any mining company looking like the philanthropist is to be held with great suspicion because there is an element of looking after themselves in this equation.  Its a sales gimmick if you like.  I feel this is a slap in the face as mining companies are presently behind the tragedy of the last people being pushed off their land in the centre and the turning off of water to communities and the innability to visit traditional water holes because of mining leases taking their lands they walked for 60,000 years plus.

From the Stolen Generations’ Testimonies Foundation

The ‘Stolen Generations’ Testimonies’ project is an initiative to record on film the personal testimonies of Australia’s Stolen Generations Survivors and share them online. The Stolen Generations' Testimonies Foundation hopes the online museum will become a national treasure and a unique and sacred keeping place for Stolen Generations’ Survivors’ Testimonies. Thank you to those Survivors for their generosity of spirit in sharing their testimonies with us in our first round of interviews.

The History of the Project
The Stolen Generations' Testimonies foundation was established in 2007. Rio Tinto Aboriginal Fund financed a feasibility study which confirmed the viability of capturing the stories of Stolen Generations' Survivors on film for an online audience.
With the benefit of the study the foundation was successful in gaining financial support from the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs and the Hunt Foundation.
This funding allowed the development of the online museum and the first round of interviews displayed here.
So on looking over all of Mr Hogans business dealings in the past and his present ones besides Snowy Hydro, I really don't feel as comfortable as I did before about Red Energy who are owned by Snowy Hydro.  He did well at University graduating with a Bachelor of Honors in Economics.

He is a fellow of AICD  which is nothing more than another Old Boys Club of back scratches. Having the F in the front denotes that Mr Hogan is a LIFE Fellow of this organization FAICD.  Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.  Networking networking networking.
Our Role 

To provide leadership on director issues and promote excellence in governance to achieve a positive impact for the economy and society.
Our Aim
Since our early beginnings, we have developed as an organisation recognised for quality and professionalism. By 2017, we aim to be recognised as:
  • A key influencer* in the creation of world-leading governance laws and practices in Australia;
  • A key player in achieving world-leading performance of Australian boards and directors, including the application of governance principles.
I may add that who ever does their website don't employ scruples or principals in spelling because the statement above is poor English and there is no such word as *INFLUENCER.  It is an influence. I thought this wreaked of irony for me

Paul Broad

Appointed 23 July 2013
Managing Director & CEO

Paul Broad
Mr Broad was appointed as a non-executive director of the Company on 20 June 2013.  Before being appointed as a director, Mr Broad was Chief Executive Officer of Infrastructure NSW,  AAPT, PowerTel, Energy Australia, Sydney Water, and Hunter Water.  He is Chairman of the Hunter Development Corporation and a non-executive director of iiNet Limited.

Helen Coonan

Appointed 23 January 2014
Non Executive Director

Helen CoonanMs Coonan was appointed to the Board on 23 January 2014.  As the former Australian Government Cabinet Minister for Communication, Minister for Revenue and Assistant Treasurer, Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate, Shareholder Minister for the Telstra Corporation and Australia Post, commercial lawyer and trained mediator, Ms Coonan has a proven track record of leading stakeholders through major economic reforms and handling complex policy settings, especially where public policy and regulation intersects with business interests.  In addition to her appointment with Snowy Hydro, Ms Coonan serves on the Advisory Council of JP Morgan and the Board of Advice of Aon Risk Services Australia Ltd. She is a Non-Executive Director of Crown Resorts Ltd, Chair of the Crown Resorts Foundation, Chair of GRACosway Pty Ltd (a subsidiary of the Clemenger Group), a Trustee of the Sydney Opera House Trust and a Non-Executive Director of Obesity Australia Ltd. 

Peter Lowe MBA, BCom, FCPA, MAICD

Appointed 15 May 2006
Non Executive Director

Peter LoweMr Lowe has over 30 years experience in various financial roles including CFO of public companies in Australia and the USA.  He is currently Chairman of United Energy Distribution Holdings Pty Ltd and Multinet Group Holdings Pty Ltd and a director of Citywide Service Solutions Pty Ltd, and Tasmania Networks Pty Ltd. He was appointed to the board of Red Energy Pty Ltd in March 2007.  He has also held a board role at Southern Hydro Pty Ltd, Clever Communications Limited and GasNet Limited.

Michael Ihlein BBus (Acc), FCPA, MAICD, F Fin (Finsia)

Appointed 10 August 2012
Non Executive Director

Michael IhleinMr Ihlein was appointed to the Board on 10 August 2012.  He is a non executive director and Chair of the Audit & Risk Committee of CSR Limited and a non executive director and Chair of the Audit & Risk Committee of Scentre Group.  He is also a non executive director and Chair of the Compliance Committee of Murray Goulburn Co-operative Co. Limited. He previously spent six years at Brambles Limited as an executive director with roles as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer.  Prior to that he had a 26 year career with Coca-Cola Amatil Limited including seven years as Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director and numerous senior operational and financial roles in both Australia and overseas.  He is also Chair of the Australian Theatre for Young People. 


Appointed 10 August 2012
Non Executive Director

Joycelyn MortonMs Morton was appointed to the Board on 10 August 2012.  She is a non-executive director of Argo Investments Limited, and Chairperson of Noni B Limited and Thorn Group Limited.  She is also a member of the Business School Divisional Board and Board of Advice of the University of Sydney.  Her former roles include being a non executive director of Crane Group Limited and Count Financial Limited and executive positions with Woolworths Limited, The Shell Company of Australia, Shell International BV and with Coopers and Lybrand (now PricewaterhouseCoopers). 

Noel Cornish BSc(Met), MEngSc

Appointed 10 August 2012
Non Executive Director

Noel CornishMr Cornish was appointed to the Board on 10 August 2012. He is currently a director of IMB Limited, director of Forestry Corporation NSW, director of TataBSL Limited, member of the Council of the University of Wollongong and National Vice President of Ai Group. His former roles include Chief Executive of BlueScope Steel Limited’s Australian and New Zealand steel manufacturing businesses, President NorthstarBHP LLC in Ohio USA and Group General Manager Whyalla Steelworks in South Australia.

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