Sunday, November 30, 2014

Frank Yamma - Appearing at Hungry Head today.

IMG 0004 - Tree spirits galore
The Central Desert.
Today Frank Yamma is performing in my home place, here in Urunga on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Gumbaynggirr lands.   I am glad he has come, I would  love to hear his songs, his voice - the resonance and the stories up close and personal.    Ginnagay Frank.  Big thanks to Bryony Taylor who with Global Vibe has booked Frank to call in here.

Poster from Bryony Taylor

 Financially I am precluded from listening to him personally (live).  I desire change to these living arrangements.  I would like to afford to Live.  Existing, paying ludicrous amounts of money for rent and adapting to eating less, generally genuinely precludes me from situations like these, seeing Frank or any other performances.   Next year will see some good changes to this for us. So for today I will be satisfied with knowing he is close by and I can listen to his music online.

About Frank Yamma:

Frank is an interesting man who has come a long way to get to here.  An extraordinary songwriter and an exceptional guitarist, Frank Yamma also has an incredible voice, rich, deep and resonant. Regarded by many as one of Australia’s most important Indigenous Songwriters, Yamma’s brutally honest tales of alcohol abuse, cultural degradation, respect for the old law and the importance of country are spine tingling.

His ability to cross cultural and musical boundaries constantly sets new standards through his music.
Frank is 51 years old and I guess that is why it is awesome that his album is called 'Uncle.'  Frank Yamma is a traditional Pitjantjatjara man from Australia's central desert.
Countryman is available to buy online:
Digital Download:
Countryman is available on iTunes around the world. Check your local site.
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