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Permission to walk on the lands of the Ngarabal people

The Ngarabal (also: Ngoorabul, Ngarrabul, Ngarrbal) people are the traditional Aboriginal owners of the Glen Innes area in Northern New South Wales, Australia. Ngarabal people have lived in Glen Innes and the surrounding country continuously for thousands of years.

The Glen Innes Local Aboriginal Land Council manages approximately 3000 hectares of land near Strathbogie, NSW including The Willows, and the adjoining property Boorabee, which is owned by Boorabee Aboriginal Corporation, of which all members are Ngarabal people.

The Willows is home to Marlow Hill named after the 'Marlow' (Mullah/Marlo/Marno/Marlowe) Aboriginal family. The Willows is located near the Strathbogie Station, Emmaville, known as a 'safe place' for many Aboriginal people, and the former Nucoorilma Mission, where many Ngarabal people lived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and holds great significance for the Ngarabal community today

Glen Innes Local Aboriginal Land Council was incorporated 4th April 1984 under the NSW Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983.

Under the Land Rights Act 1983 Local Aboriginal Land Council primary function is to manage lands that have been vested, leased or purchased and other activities in accordance with the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 all decision making was the responsibility of the membership until changes to the Aboriginal Land Rights Act in 2007.

The main changes where to move from the membership decision process to Board of Directors and the separation of powers between Boards and the Administration arms  with the appointments of Chief Executive Officers whom responsibilities are the day to day management of the Aboriginal land Council.

The Board is elected by the membership for a period of two years elections for new Boards was held 30th September 2013.

Glen Innes Local Aboriginal Land Councils current Board consist of nine members they are:

Chairperson               Ms. Jacqueline Byrne
Deputy Chairperson    Mr.Richard Potter
Board Member           Mrs. Karen Potter
Board Member           Ms. Debra Cutmore
Board Member           Mrs. Vivian Mackay
Board Member           Mrs. Maria Byrne
Board Member           Ms. Rosemary Curtis
Board Member           Ms. Eileen Livermore           

Glen Innes Local Aboriginal Land Council also provides a social house scheme for Aboriginals with low incomes, and also assists the Aboriginal Community to access mainstream service providers.   Sourced from Website

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ricky pascoe said...

I am Ngarabal i am from the Marlowe Wallace Williams family tree it is the Land rights act of Nsw that allows anyone to be members of a land council ,The Ngarabal tribe will gather in our country soon and i ask those who claim our country and claim our tribal name to get your evidence out judgement day is coming . For to long other tribes have moved in on our country and claimed, no more will this happen .

MEP said...

I am living on Ngarabal Lands. I am grateful for men like you Ricky who stand strong in truth for your people. Keep speaking up because the winds of change are blowing strong now and just as leaves fall from the tree this is who you are... and your old people will be set free with these truths and the future will be as a forest growing with strong roots into the earth and boughs that reach out wide giving rest and shade forevermore. Big Love my Brother xx

Tay din said...

I am also from the marlowe wallace willliams family tree ... ricky just by chance i found aunty virginia so sad she has passed as it was my grandmothers sister... for what they went through fought for ... i promise my guard is also up. Protect the land our elders grew up on

ricky pascoe said...

thank u my brother thank u

ricky pascoe said...

wow we have to meet add me on fb

MEP said...

Thats wonderful you found each other on here Ricky... I am loving Deepwater with all my heart / keeping the fire burning.

John Burnett said...

Hi Ricky i also a member of the same family i asked to be a member they said i have to live in the glen innis area maybe i will move there soon an try again

Brian Fagan said...

I am also from the Marlowe, Wallace family, My Great Great Grandmother is Catherine Jane Marlowe who was married to William Wallace...

Unknown said...

My father was adopted out. My sisters and I decided to track exactly who and where he came from. Have found out that his great grandfather was Henry Knox born to a full blooded Aboriginal lady at Blackwater N.S.W. He was a decedent from the Ngoorabul people. My siblings and myself are trying so so hard to find more information as we feel we have been deprived of our original culture. If there is anyone out there who can help us we would appreciate it.
Thank you
Kathleen Spicer

Unknown said...