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The people of those times spurned all spiritual things and men lived only for pleasure - Kolbrin Manuscript

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The people of those times spurned all spiritual things and men lived only for pleasure, caring little for the good of mankind or the future of the people. Lewdness and lies were upon the tongues of all men and brother could not deal justly with brother. 
The princes and governors were corrupt and proper tribute was not paid, the statues were held up to scorn.  The lives of men were ruled by their desires and they spent their days in gluttony, drunkenness, fornication, dancing and singing to the instruments of music.  The land was unattended, for men dissipated their strength in unproductive lusts and pleasures.  

Dee Smith

Women lacked shame, for many would cast their glances after one man.  Men fought themselves and even slew one another because of their lusts for worthless women, while the chaste woman were not sought.  They were even rejected, for men declined the effort of being worthy of them in the eyes of their fathers.  Wives were unhonored and only the women of pleasure commanded the attention of men. 

Women were unclean and immodest and men lay with them shamelessly in the presence of one another.  Old women were more lustful than the young ones, while virgins were seduced and corrupted in their childhood. 

Fathers fornicated before their sons and were admired for their prowess  They made no distinction between their sons and other men, or between their wives and other women.  Deceit and violence were seen on every hand" -  The Kolbrin Manuscript

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