Sunday, November 29, 2015

Media Giants face off in the Courts

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Alan Jones speaking out at a Rally against big Mining.
 2GB's Alan Jones has long been a media icon who has gone into bat for the 'ordinary bloke' as its termed, he likes to see a fair go for all.  He is a man who lends himself to the fight against the huge corporate push that is creating the nightmarish and sometimes tragic situations for our farmers here in Australia and in particular the farmers of the Darling Downs area.

Jones has been outspoken on development on the Darling Downs because of the damage caused from various projects being given the green light in the area where it is clearly corrupt because the children are sick with bleeding ears and nose etc. 

Wagner's are up to their proverbial necks in development on the Darling Downs and that makes them a natural target for Jones.   The Airport situation at Toowoomba and the gas and coal mining have been firmly on his radar.  Wagner corporation are clearly a part of the mining push that has destroyed my beloved Darling Downs with the building of such an airport to service the likes of Toowoomba.  If it were not for mining then this airport would be a veritable white elephant structure build in military air space.  

The Downs is the resting place of my Grandparents on both sides of my family and in particular my own father and mother is buried on the banks of the Condamine River at Killarney and at Warwick respectively and I was born on the Darling Downs myself and during my life I have spent many happy hours just cruising in the absolute beauty of the area.

The Wagner Quarry that has been named in the inquiry into the deaths of local people due to a dam wall collapse of an illegal dam attached to the Wagner Quarry outside Grantham during the 2011 Grantham flood.   The truth of the circumstances were the subject of much controversial radio as Alan Jones made no bones about letting ordinary people understand the situation where the Wagner corporate conglomeration figure in this tragic picture.  How powerful are they  as to walk free from incarceration for cold blooded murder. 

Now its Newscorp against Fairfax Media because its Jones against Wagners and WAGNERS are seeking to be compensated for the comments by Jones. 

Personally I think that Wagners are a protected mob.  They have penetrated MILITARY AIRSPACE and no one gets to do this.  So how were they able to do this to favor the FIFO Mining workforce? So it is almost a conclusion drawn for us who hold the power reigns in Queensland if not all of Australia.  What big mining and powerful corporations want - they get! 

For More details of this interesting case  head over to this blog for more details on the clash of the Media Titans.

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