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On the brink of total control 'No Jab No Pay' Legislation passes.

Campsie Public School - small pox vaccination waiting for the lymph to dry
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"No Jab No Pay", has brought out the adverse opinions of the pro vaxxers and the anti vaxxers and its become a bitter struggle about who is right in this very explosive issue.

The opinions are juxtaposed to each other out there in the public arena and the stark differences  in opinion are numerous.

Mothers and daughters are in disagreement over this and it has caused friends to part company because of such differences in opinion on the emotive subject of vaccination.

Opinions no longer matter as the Government passes 'The new No Jab, No Pay' laws (Social Services Legislation Amendment).  The bill, which passed the Senate yesterday with the support of the Coalition, Labor and The Greens, removed the payment of some tax benefits to parents who don't vaccinate their children, including those who conscientiously object to vaccination.

Originally, this law was put in place to stop paying financial benefits to parents of children up to and including the age seven (7) who were not toeing the line and complying with the Australian Government's immunization schedule but somehow the government added some sneaky amendments which means anyone under 20 years of age.  No Jab No Pay. You can be an adult and lose your benefits if you are under 20 years of age.

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I vaccinated my children, I was not awake as it is called now [wake up to government agenda] and I was not aware of what the legislation and future changes to this meant for us all down the track.

In my time as a young mother it was a personal choice to vaccinate your child/children.  However there was a distinct fear evident of those who had not vaccinated and I personally heard a lot of mothers saying these people were not caring for their children and had selfish ways.

I can see how this can be thought by one side of the argument but for this to be a fair argument, it also must be seen for both sides.  Both could say the same 'argument'. [selfish ways]

Personally  I am concerned this new legislation could lead to people becoming submissive to vaccinations of all types in the future with the door opening here with this No jab No Pay legislation.

There are types of controlling drugs/substances that the ruling govt of the day may think is useful to their agenda, and with legislation all citizens under law could be ordered to be vaccinated.  

It is also my opinion that to tie the non vaccination to the non payment of financial benefits is a terrorist act on mothers and fathers and carers.  One has to ask the question "Whose children are they?"

People are giving up their rights so fast it has become quite significant how much of our responsibility we are handing over to governments.  So what will this look like in 20 years time when our children are the grand parents of the day?  Will People just lay down and take what the governments say is good for us with out a thought?  Yes! this is a great concern.  Why?  Because as of  the end of 2016 the Childhood Immunization Register will be simplified and is to be known as the Australian Immunisation Register

[The purpose of the bill is to] expand the age range covered by the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) from children under seven years of age to ‘young individuals’ under 20 years of age (commencing from 1 January 2016). 

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