Monday, November 30, 2015

Emporer Hadrian's Roman Wall of fortification

Hadrians Wall, Cumbria, England - May 2007
Photo Source - Flickr Saffy H

Hadrian's Wall map.svg

"Hadrian's Wall map" by Nilfanion - Ordnance Survey OpenData. Administrative borders and coastline data from Boundary-Line product. Rivers, lakes and urban area data from Meridian 2 product. Hadrian's Wall from Strategi product..

Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

 Standing on Stones ... by Mary-Ellen Peters 2015

She stood on the rocks of Hadrian
This Caladonii grasped the pelagoniium
and she was beholden to such a sweet perfume
It clung like lovers to the air
Transcendent of casual mortal care
The sweetest scent evident Everywhere

Every creatures Freedom dreams become realized
As the winds of change blow up their coast
Such an Attar of uniqueness is the sweetest
and the most...
The ultimate and the glorious immortal post
She stood fast .. hardened and duly bound
From way up high on Hadrians wall
She balanced her nature to her tiny stature
Born each time for such a time
Always the same reason and the same Rhyme..
Each and every soul time.

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