Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Sovereignty is in the spotlight, but for all the wrong reasons.

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Sovereignty has always been a notion spoken of because one has an understanding of what Natural Law entails and an understanding of who we are as human citizens on planet Earth.  Our responsibility to the planet is to take care of the planet for our future generations and this being one of the highest ideologies one should ever consider beside parenthood.

At present we are so screwed down as a society of free range slaves by legislation and the net just got tighter around the 'slave pen' with the government announcement on those that call themselves 'Sovereign Citizens'.

From the ABC Article

Anti-government extremists known as "sovereign citizens" have been identified as a potential terrorism threat in Australia by a confidential NSW Police report.
Below are some helpful videos to get your head around the mess the government are present preaching around this issue.  It is imperative to understand that we are being shafted once again and straight on the heels of the "No Jab No Pay" legislation.

And so there must be a good understanding of what Natural Law is and what it isn't.  It most certainly is not the peace love and brown rice a lot of New Age converts spurt.  Natural Law is very very different to this and one should be fully competent in what this entails.

Reading the Corpus Hermeticum and books such as the Kybalion will start you on a journey of understanding if you are not familiar already.  Watching videos by this gentleman Mark Passio can help one understand the intricacies at play here with this push against sovereignty by governments at a much higher level and understand the politicians are mere puppets.

Demonizing Sovereignty only servers to turn brother against brother once again.  Here in Australia there is a huge following for the Sovereign Nations of this land to be recognized for who they are in their own right, and I fear this will also be heaped in with the extremist views of those that are not aboriginal and don't have a reason to want to be recognized as sovereign on this land they have been on for 80.000 years plus.

It only stands to reason why the government is making this word a very dirty word now.  This is back door Genocide once again.  The lack of treaty with those that wish to remain sovereign is Genocide!

Where there is sovereignty, there is Anarchy and anarchy is nothing to be afraid of as it only means no rulers or the absence of a monarch [one ruler].   With the prefix 'An' being none or not, so, No Monarchy = Anarchy. ... from the Latin Archon - to rule which was borrowed from ancient Greek meaning magistrates there or rulers.

(Gnosticism) A supernatural being subordinate to the Demiurge.


"The Natural Liberty of man is to be free from any superior power on Earth, and not to be under the will or legislative authority of Man, but only to have the Law of Nature for his rule"  John Locke

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