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National Rugby League Grand Final 2015 ... will go down as one of the best of all time.

52:15 - Local Derby

Cowboys win their first GF beating the Bronco's by one point in extra time.
Posted by Telegraph Sport on Sunday, 4 October 2015

So, it was the weekend of Grand finals of foot ball codes around the country.  This one was kept till last like ice cream after the main courses.

NRL 2015 saw Queensland playing Queensland, and so either way Queensland was going to win.  That is from someone who largely still sees this competition as NSW versing Queensland still.

The end of the 2015 season saw the two teams competing for the Grand Final honors both hailing from Queensland, The North Queensland Cowboys and the beloved Brisbane Bronco's.

But still the game had to be played in Sydney.  After all NSW thinks they still own this competition  even though they have opened it up to other states and even countries with the inclusion of Auckland with the Warriors and Melbourne's Storm in the competition as well as those  three Queensland teams and there are others but for the purpose of this article it is not important.

I remember when the NRL was manufactured because I remember the competition prior to this.  It was called the dark ages of the Super League war.  Prior to this it was a state based competition. 

When it was state based, my favorite team was Wynnum Manly (Brisbane Competition) who wore same tribal colours as South Sydney wear - Green and Red.  South Sydney... now that is a story!  They got kicked out and after two large court appeals they finally got their spot back in the competition but not without a huge protest by the fans.

So the winner this year after all of this was the Cowboys winning by one point in extra time.  A field goal kicked by the super human Jonathon Thirston from the Cowboys.   The game was a tie at full time.  This was just a beautiful end to the season to have a tie.  Extra time saw the North Queensland Cowboys step up and get a field goal to decide the match.

Jimmy Barnes and and the newly reformed Cold Chisel played to the crowd in the prematch hilarity that goes on at Grand final games.   All in all it was a successful end to the season for the future of Rugby League in Queensland.
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