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Awake in the Dark hours makes for a much different person.

IMG 0926.CR2 Nightly 

Below is linked an article to read regarding the IQ levels of Night Owls.  I probably don't qualify because I have a very special Mary Time... it is not on their scale.  Safe to say I feel I am breaking the barriers my way.  Reading this has spurned me on to write about this as well.  I too love the Night hours and respond similar to what was written in the article. 

The unusual magnetic powers wielded by the moon have long been the source of the bent stories proffered by those wanting to demonize those who dare to challenge the status-quo.   The 28 days of the moon cycle which is directly linked to women and the menstrual cycle is not a coincidence and if you believe it is then you have a lot to research.  So yes the Moon in Hermetics is the balance of the energy of the Sun.

It is true the moon does have a different magnetic energy to that of our star (Sun).  Firstly, it is purely a reflected light we see, so it is like we are seeing the shadows of everything.  Seeing that which is unseen or unspoken of was reserved for the dark hours.   Secondly, there is good reason, for this was well known by the likes of Pythagoras and Plato and Leonardo Da Vinci and those great men of the past who were the great thinkers of their time, who labored long into the wee hours plying their trade.

Plants need moon energy just as much as they need sun energy.  That tiny fact say's it all.   Because, if plants need this then it would be fairly safe to assume humanity may need similar energy to accommodate the spirit in its walk here on Earth. 

I often speak of balance, operating out of both sides of the brain.  Understanding Zen, and understanding that people have a lower and higher nature and its a choice from which one operates.  This can be greatly assisted by understanding this balance in all things.  Understanding that all things operate on a polar line.  This is the truth of Namaste as well.  Understanding the beloved enemy.. is like loving the dark and scary as well as the warm and bright.

All of this thought is from those dark hours of research and reading.  However I probably don't qualify according to the article because I do go to bed very very early in fact... much earlier than most for some one who is not a shift worker.  I do this because I have a full day in the Garden and I love the energy of night so I go off early so I wake at 3am.  There is still some four hours of beautiful darkness for me to have my time.  Time I can think and make a coffee and take it outside and look at the stars in solitude, no prying eyes watching as you gaze skyward in hope of seeing something even more spectacular than what is already visible above.  I write poetry at this hour.  I think about my children at this hour and I think about the entire universe at this hour.

Read this fascinating article about the intelligence levels of those who are called Night Owls... 

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