Saturday, October 03, 2015

Shooter 15 years old @ Parramatta, Sydney.

The gunman who shot dead a police staffer was a 15-year-old who had visited Parramatta Mosque on his way to commit murder, the Daily Telegraph is reporting.

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To have used the *PORS Squad on grandmothers at Glenugie (near Grafton NSW) when we have issues brewing like above and then to have the audacity to heap environmental activism in with Terrorism and people like the above once again is ludicrous.

IMG 8067.4 Glenugie's Black Monday
At Glenugie.
Above is a picture of a cop at Glenugie.  He was one of many that were used to set upon a peaceful group of people trying to protect their land and water from environmental terrorism committed by Coal Seam Gas Companies who lie through their teeth about the detrimental effects to the water table and to the land surrounding the well head. 

I believe the Police Minister has to get his priorities right, and the absolute nature of the tragedy of the shooting at Parramatta shows that police are being used for the wrong purpose.  The ability for these bully boy Mining Companies to be able to call up the Police Minister and have every high level cop holding down old ladies, grinding their faces in the bitumen, all the while using force upon people who are not resisting is sheer madness.  It has to stop.

No one would know whether or not these environmental groups have been infiltrated by Islamic extremists to know when the *PORS will be drawn away to a Mining incident at the whim of a mining company, and then.... they commit their terrorist act. 

I am sure they have thought of is while watching the elite police being used in such a manner so often that it is the norm.

*PORS = Public Order and Riot Squad

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