Sunday, August 09, 2015

Snouts in the Trough with Travelgate!

Its always been said that politicians were thieving from the people while they were in public office.  This was said to me when I was still a child.  Things were simpler then and a lot of things were simply unable to be scrutinized but now we live in a digital world and that digital footprint tells the entire story.  Considering too, we are not talking about stationary here and a few envelopes, this is thousands and thousands of dollars being splashed about as if it were their own money.  It is public money and taking the family on a holiday is not usually paid for by your employer.  You save your hard earned for those occasions and Joe Hockey and company should have done the same.  The public are sick of this skimming of the cream and using position to do so.

Bronwyn Bishop hiring a helicopter to take a 70 kilometer trip amongst other various entitlements of travel which she had managed very poorly, were uncovered.  Hardly what we want in the speaker of the House ever.  That kind of mindlessness could be detrimental to the security of the country.

Since she resigned from the Speaker's position the "Travelgate" Yarn has been unraveling at a rapid rate and both sides of politics are now caught up in this huge distraction poised for this TPP Moment.  Tony Abbott solicited special favors for his daughter with scholarships, Tony Burke, Bill Shorten have been named in misusing their entitlements and today Joe Hockey was caught out using his allowance holidaying with his entire family at a cost of $14,000 and there was the Liberal Fundraiser in Melbourne which came in at a cool $20,000.   Nice perks when you work in public office.

Hockey sits outside parliament smoking fat cigars telling us to tighten our belts!
and probably his cigars as well.

This is snouts in the trough leeching the money out of the country for the own self absorption.  None of them are fit to represent this country.  They all have the same benign mental answers to why this is occurring and none of the blame seems to be with them personally.  Funny about this.

Hockey Defends Perth Trip - SBS

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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