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Shemitah and the Jubilee.
 Cycles within cycles - wheels within wheels.  Our universe is the same through and through, both micro cosmically and macro cosmically.  All things in the universe are governed by the absolute laws of Nature or as the ancients spoke of - "The seven principals of Truth" or the Seven Gates of initiation.  Incidentally there are Seven rungs on the Ezekiel's ladder, the list goes on throughout all ancient cultures using different names for the same story the world over.

The Tetrad of the four blood moons can be seen here at the Nasa Site

This Seven is very symbolical and is explained as a representation of the planets and luminaries in the sky.   The wisdom we have gleaned through the ages as a divine being that entered this mortal plane to become humanity and who we are today is no longer understood as it was thousands of years ago.  This process through the universe  took billions of years to brings us to the Earth plane.    This occurs specifically for the Infinite Consciousness of God to experience itself through creation by being involved on a very deep level with creation.

Here is an excerpt from a very informative blog about the Shemitah which is linked below - it contains reams of information regarding this important time which the churches have noted.

The four blood moons are a sign in prophecy that may indicate something very special is about to take place.  The last time this happened was in 1968.  This time there are added features to consider and is this prophesy true or was it written in a manner to control the people once again.

“Sacred Scripture Morphs Into Profane Script”
Because the Judaic tradition is the oldest of the three primary Western religions, it has had the longest time for ‘opportunities’ to arise in which “Sacred Scripture Morphs Into Profane Script”.   Herein lies the crux of this essay.  The predictive power that has been built into the Jewish Scriptures and Hebrew Calendar is now indisputable.  The 7-year Shemitah cycles and Jubilees have been proven — beyond any doubt — to directly correlate with uncanny precision to many of the major world events of the past 200 years.
 READ:  State of the Nations article on Shemitah and the Jubilee

The tide goes out and the tide comes back in and like the tides it is time to draw nigh to the infinite again in this cycle of 26,000 years as we approach a new plane of existence.  There is no denying this is happening.  I know that our thoughts are translated with out words during this time and one will notice this happening. 

On a personal level,  this is happening more regularly each day.  Yesterday I was sitting down after working outside for a few hours and I was thinking about making a drink.  I was thinking should I have coffee or a cold drink and I decided on the cold drink.  Next second from behind me with out prompt once again my partner is placing the cold drink down in front of me.  He said here is the drink you wanted.  But, I had not asked for this.  I only thought about it.  This is happening to me several times most days.  Its a very strange feeling the accompanies this - like its almost not real or like it came from somewhere else. 

Either way I am not questioning these occurrences.   I am aware as this light changes and the frequency this generates changes everything will change, and so will the way we communicate with each other.   Those who are unskilled in this or those who refuse to recognize these gifts from the Creator will not participate.  There has been countless centuries to prepare for this and if you haven't by now I suppose it could be seen to be a little late to attempt this.  We are out of time.  The end of this cycle is drawing to a close.

The Universe is Mental .. held in the mind of the All.  The All is the All and the All is all there is.
The Roman Church have polluted the original Hebrew scriptures during translation.  Many scholars and scribes putting their own personal twist on what they were translating.  These same scriptures were further polluted by King James and what was recorded in the translations was a far cry from the wisdom of our true divine nature and how it it really came to pass in the great cycle. 

If we listen to the rubbish the church tells us we will never know the true story because they are hoarding this up for themselves. Just look at the Vatican Library - I want the world to be made aware of the full catalog of knowledge and books of wisdom they have stolen from cultures around the world during the various wars in the name of God.

Study, ask questions, know that there is more to the story than we are told.  Research for yourself and make your own mind up.  Do not repeat prayers of another person mindlessly repeating words. Our words are very important and we should choose these wisely because our words have great power.

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