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The Consolation of Philosophy - Boethius.

“Indeed, the condition of human nature is just this; man towers above the rest of creation so long as he realizes his own nature, and when he forgets it, he sinks lower than the beasts. For other living things to be ignorant of themselves, is natural; but for man it is a defect.”

~ Boethius - The Consolation of Philosophy ~

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The Consolation of Philosophy (Latin: DE CONSOLATIONE PHILOSOPHIÆ) is a work by the sixth-century philosopher Boethius that has been described as having had the single most important influence on the Christianity of the Middle Ages and early Renaissance and as the last great work of the Classical Period.  

The Consolation of Philosophy was written during a one-year imprisonment Boethius served while awaiting trial – and eventual horrific execution – for the crime of treason under the Ostrogothic King Theodoric the Great.

A page from a version of
The Consolation of Philosophy

published in 1485.

Boethius was at the very heights of power in Rome and was brought down by treachery. This experience inspired the text, which reflects on how evil can exist in a world governed by God (the problem of theodicy), and how happiness can be attainable amidst fickle fortune, while also considering the nature of happiness and God. It has been described as "by far the most interesting example of prison literature the world has ever seen."  Wikipedia

Dante said : "The blessed soul who exposes the deceptive world to anyone who gives ear to him."
Theodicy =  Attempts to answer the question why a good God permits the manifestation of evil. I am not sure if it correctly addresses this in the light of the Seven Principals of Truth and the principals of Rhythm and correspondence and the cyclical nature of the universe in general.  Do they ponder that this universe is a huge animal crawling through space with a lot of other big animals and that we earth people are just the tiny bacteria on this particular gigantic animal we find ourselves on.   Yes that is a big picture and if our divinity is directly relation to the All Mighty then it is possible isn't it?

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