Saturday, August 08, 2015


And a huge cheer went up across Australia at the end of this week and many breathed a sigh of relief to hear the Federal Government Court process turned down the Carmichael Mine in Queensland. 

Everyone that is except that fool Tony Abbott.  Yes, the Abbott is at it again acting like a total moron, so full of himself its hard to stomach.

Even though the headlines say its over... I don't think so!  The pressure being applied to all involved in the approvals process is still working overtime.  Those Queensland politicians are sickening to watch speak of the land in such a filthy manner. They ought to be put over a bully ants nest...

Read a few news articles regarding the Abbott's audacity on the subject of this mines scrutiny.  There is no thought for the environment in anything he says.  Nothing in what he is saying here shows any sense.  The man is clearly a another plane of existence.  He certainly has no handle on what the Australian people actually want  here.   They want jobs - yes, but not at the risk of the most precious resource we have and that is our W A T E R.  

Mr Abbott needs to be put in his place about criticizing the court system which overseer's this mining approvals process - he is nothing but a bigot and he just proved this to the Australian people once again.

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