Friday, August 07, 2015

Simon Passed Away . . . Swift Journey Home old friend..

Simon Eckersley ... a very colourful character indeed. He was a well known millionaire who lived across the road from our old house in Urunga in Morgo Street overlooking the ocean.   Simon loved to party and he lived a full life.  He ate good food and probably that is what preserved him this long while he carried on a very flamboyant lifestyle of partying and good times, music and friends.

He will be sadly missed from the area that is for sure.  A night out won't be the same with out Simon popping up in one of his outrageous outfits.  He was definitely a good fun person. 

I hope his journey home to the Infinite is swift and full of light.  Good bye for now Simon  xxx

Simon with shorter hair than
he had recently .... image from Hank

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