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Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance...

Brisbane City
Last Friday night there was a rally at King George Square and  members of the Brisbane Aboriginal  Sovereign Embassy and the Brisbane Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance movement shut down the city in protest of the shutting of 150 Aboriginal Communities and the turning off of essential services to those communities forcing the people into already over crowded troubled large townships where violence and addiction are rife and services are already stretched to breaking point.

The City of Brisbane is one of my favorite cities of Australia.  I grew up there in my teenage years and went to school and was kept by the government in their dodgy children's homes as a child in government care there.  I know what the government are capable of and I have never stopped trying to tell others.

Sadly, most thought I was just being vindictive about my upbringing and was just whinging.  They could not have been further from the truth. 

I used to say years ago before getting certified with my Community Services Welfare Cert IV that the system that is here we think is in place to protect us is not real.   It is a figment of our imagination and Lord help us if we ever have to test the system.  By the time we have to test it, it will all be too late to do anything because its just not ever really been there.

This is where we are at today in our screwed society.  This is what is happening to both the black and white communities and all in between.  Everyone is being hammered by warped government policy and its a facsist neo liberalism at its best because both the corporations and the Government are playing hand in hand.   The corporations are getting the privileges which are the peoples birth rights.

The basics card, Children's Services stealing children, Closing Communities, Trashing sacred areas, Disconnecting Families, Low Income bashing,  all of this is not a mistake.  This policy was planned a very long time ago like all of the government strategies are.   There are advisers working overtime to work out ways to use and abuse the general public and dress it up so as the poison is no longer detectable in their genocidal policies.  Steal the children and brain wash them to their way of thinking and you have a powerful movement of people disconnected from truth who think they are doing the right thing and going on thoroughly unawares.

Hundreds of police were present through the walk through the city streets after we left the square and absolutely no media were present anywhere.

All that ruckus and no media and we shut down the center of Brisbane for approximately two hours  through the streets of Adelaide, Edward, Anne, George and Queen Streets and then we stopped the traffic on the Captain Cook Bridge. 

No one wants to have to go to these measures or even upset others.  I simply have to do what is right and tell others who have a right to know this is happening in Australia.  Somehow it helps the pain of my past wrongs if I save others from feeling how I have felt.   I send love to all who are struggling through this. 

We are trying to brain storm ideas to help.  Solar power and humidifier statues were a suggestion.  Now to make that a reality.

Brisbane City
BASE seeks to raise awareness of Aboriginal sovereignty, provide sanctuary for Aboriginal people and a place for ceremony. Meetings 6pm Wednesdays

Why An Embassy In Our Own Land?

Definition: An embassy is an outpost on foreign soil usually, offering security and diplomatic asylum; a body of persons entrusted with a mission to a sovereign or government.

Arising from a growing sense of alienation – a belief that Aboriginal people had, effectively, been made foreigners in our own land – an embassy was launched in Canberra on 26 January 1972 (Australia/Invasion Day). At first literally a tent and later a shed, the embassy is located near the front steps of what was then Parliament House (now known as Old Parliament House).

The Aboriginal Tent Embassy is a national icon for the Aboriginal sovereignty movement, which has consistently challenged the legitimacy of the sovereignty of the colonial regime. This January on the 40th anniversary of the embassy in Canberra Aboriginal people from across the country gathered and decided to further our campaign for sovereignty by setting up embassies across the land.

Like other sovereign embassies, the Brisbane Sovereign Embassy seeks to raise awareness and discussion of Aboriginal sovereignty, provide sanctuary for Aboriginal people and a place for cultural, spiritual and ceremonial activity,
focused on the sacred fire and circle that have been established as part of the embassy.

What is Sovereignty?

Definition: Sovereignty is the law of the land and the power to use it - the legitimate power to govern. If we had our law in practice when we were invaded, our law is the law of the land until conquered in war or treaties signed.

Sovereignty can be an important building block for the right of peoples to self-determination. In the international system of states, these principles of self-determination and independence form the basis of international relations and international law.

Always was, always will be Aboriginal land!

On the 22nd August 1770, Captain James Cook planted a foreign flag on an Island belonging to Aboriginal nations, now called Possession Island, taking illegal possession of our lands and its resources, without the permission or knowledge of any Aboriginal people.

Aboriginal activist and lawyer Michael Anderson says a recent appeal court decision implies that Australian courts have no jurisdiction over Aboriginal
people because they have never given up their sovereignty, that there had never been a defeat in a declared war, that Aboriginal land had not been ceded and that the British crown had not asserted sovereignty over Aboriginal people. In fact, Queen Victoria made it illegal for agents of the to crown to claim sovereignty over Aboriginal people and their lands in the Pacific Islander Protection Act, 1875. Even under their own legal system, the Australian and
State Governments have no legitimate claim of sovereignty over this land.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples continue to maintain, to this day, their sacred, spiritual, social, political and economic connections to their lands since time immemorial.

A new society

By asserting and struggling for Aboriginal sovereignty, we are not just righting the long standing injustice against Aboriginal people. Sovereignty provides a chance for all who live on this land to build a new society based on Aboriginal culture and values. A society ruled by social need and environmental sustainability, not one of greed and discrimination. A unique society with a definative system of laws and customs to govern it, based on the world’s oldest living culture, that will allow Australia to proudly take its place on the world stage for the first time in history.

Embassy meetings: Every Wednesday, 6pm, 121 Cordelia St, South Brisbane (between Jagera Hall and Musgrave Park)
Facebook: Brisbane - Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy - Media
Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy

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