Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Ragnarok Cometh: Jupiter and Venus Alignment...Star of Bethlehem?

Keeping it real ...  knowledge of where we are in the universe is an extraordinary passion to follow and know and understand to the best of ability.  The highest ideal of my mind it to sew truth on fertile ground.

Dee's latest video is more truth from research which is hard to take by some and that is evident.  Personally, given all of what I have researched over the years and the numerous times I have been privy to hear the audible voice of divinity in my soul I know she speaks truth here.

I was awe struck by the simple beauty of what I was seeing in the sky above me.  I didn't even know it was a Jerusalem star or Bethlehem star.  I saw it as part of the great cycle we are all apart of on this earth plane and on all the planes of existence in the infinite mind of the All.

 The Fluffy's think its the Bethlemhem Star and the Scientists see it just as planets in the sky.  Neither are balanced.  Science with out spirit is dead and Spiritual knowledge without Science is also equally unbalanced.  So the Fluffy's need the Spikeys and vice versa and so the Fluffy's need to be a little more spikey and the Spikeys need to become a little more fluffy.

My image is a little shaky.  It was very cold outside and I wasn't set up right.  I will endeavour to right this in the next couple of days while this beauty remains in the sky.  I just love all of creation and that is why I take photographs of nature so often.  This is where I can see the creation and in this I see the connection to everything.

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