Friday, July 03, 2015

The Lithgow Coal Mine Wall in Collapse

Conservationists believe the collapse of a dividing wall at a coal mine in Lithgow is "equivalent to a giant oil spill".


This is a most disastrous and terrifying outcome for any river system and its so close to the Blue Mountains which is a beautiful natural formation I have yet to see the beauty of and so it worries me no end this is happening.   The mining corporations will have this on their conscience too because I won't allow them to live this down.  How dare they be so useless in their thinking as they keep bleeding the mother dry.

IMG 4982

The NSW EPA started  investigating the collapse yesterday.   Approximately 150 meters of the Wollangambe River is "showing signs of impact", which means damage has occurred, What are the ramifications of this?  I am very worried because they have exhausted beyond common sense the coal reserves and there is no further need for this fossil fuel.

There is so much money spent on keeping what they are doing secret and not enough money spent on actually mining safely.


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