Saturday, July 04, 2015

Rainbows on overload .. all I see are sheep!

The homosexual agenda is taking a very ugly turn indeed.  Its been occurring right before our eyes and still the sheep do not get it.  Please educate yourself to the seriousness of trashing the divinty

People changing their profiles to a rainbow wash to show their support for trashing the divinty of the last principal of natural law.  The principal of Gender.   These people are not looking at what is good for creation.  They are caught at a low vibrating level of what is good for them as they see it.  Funny thing is they only have 4% perception and with so little they are confident with themselves being a God.

I don't have to think about this very hard at all.  It is the act of marriage that is at the core of this issue and not about homophobia.  I know that two men cannot make a baby and neither can two women and so neither of those relationships can be blessed by natural law and gender and the creation of another from the two becoming one.

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