Sunday, July 05, 2015

Using Sugar Cane Mulch in the Chook Pen.

Two of our chooks, Blondie and Atila!
So far so good and they all seem to love it.  It seems to be clean and easy to use. The original straw which was in their boxes I collected with much enthusiasm and breath holding.  I put this over onto the newly created garden space ready for Garlic planting when the time comes for this.  All of this Sugar Cane mulch used now in the boxes when used will be put there also and replaced with new straw. 

Ever since I spent time in hospital about nine years ago with as serious case of Pneumonia brought on by working with bird droppings in a laboring job, I hold my breath while inside of their house where they roost.  I do not want to breath into my lungs any of those harmful spores that cause so much trouble to humans.

I had hoped Sugar Cane mulching material was good nesting material because its all I had access to.  I had done some reading  online where others had a lot of success with this material. So I decided to press on and use this.

I am just feeling my way around with our four chickens and one rooster.  Its all new to Brice and myself.  Our first chooks... and they do seem to love us.  Brice calls them over and they come to him.  
They are well versed in escape artistry.  They are fly away chickens and the mischievous  rooster is often up in the trees above their pen area.  

I trimmed their flight feathers when they were younger but I would say they have all grown back again.   It will be fun trimming these feathers now they are bigger.  I will have to do this chore because of dogs in neighbouring properties and this also includes our dog who would think nothing of chasing these feathered members of our family.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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