Monday, July 06, 2015

Stand Up strong against the Corrupt Recognise Campaign.

It is not time to RECOGNISE Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia’s already illegal Constitution document. This RECOGNISE document will ensure there are more places for racial discrimination than ever before. It is the wrong thing to do.


Today, at 8:30am the park next to the Museum of Contemporary Art at Circular Quay in Sydney City is the meeting place for people who are gathering to walk the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge in protest to the secret government meeting to be held today at the Prime Ministers Sydney Home, Kirrabilli House. 

I am very aware and I realize up front that this protest action is difficult for some to understand given it all sounds so good on paper.  This is no mistake, and of course the government advisers have worded it wonderfully.  This is done so the sheeple just vote it in and the (government) dirty work is done.

This type of legislation will acquiesce all future rights to sovereignty for the first people of this land.  On this land the indigenous people have never given their blessing to the English.  There was no treaty.  The English broke all their own laws and stole the land with no conscience and the fight still rages some 250 years later.

The government still to this day have not given up with the sneaky tactics to unhitch the people from this great land here down under,  This latest escapade to steal the last of the last is just as sneaky as it always has been.

The "Recognise" referendum will come up in 2017 and this must be voted down.  The answer must be a resounding No Vote.   Become a "Recognise Buster".  If you see this logo, download it and use it to spread the word on the truth of this upcoming referendum.

This has to be sorted in truth or this country is doomed to await the Ragnarok period and the great cleansing and the hope to all go home.  The way things are being played out it is clear the government are using over arching psychological tools to distort the views of the masses.  The use of key well known aboriginal figures to convince the whiteys to vote yes on this is a low act. 

Many know these well known black fellahs as the Sell Out Blacks or as my Gomeroi friend calls them, the Chardonay Blacks.

The group of twenty people above are not qualified to speak for the 87% of black fellahs who don't want this to go ahead.  They are as follows:
Co Chairs - Mark Leibler, Pat Dodson
Non Parlimentary Members - Alison Page, Bill Lawson, Fred Chaney, Glenn Ferguson, Graham Bradley, Henry Burmester, Josephine Bourne, Lauren Ganley, Marcia Langton, Megan Davidson, Noel Pearson, Sam Jefferies, Timmy 'Djawa' Burarrwanga.
Parlimentary Members - Janelle Safin, Ken Wyatt, Rachel Siewert, Rob Oakeshott.
Ex Officio Members - Jodie Broun, Les Malezer, Mick Gooda.
IMG 4316 The Aboriginal Flag
My Flag Shirt
For more information on the resistance go to the Sovereign Union Website and read all the articles to enlighten yourself to this struggle

Walking the highway in Deepwater

Images @ Eminpee Fotography
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