Thursday, April 23, 2015

Exploitation is the driver, and assimilation is the servant.

The various State Governments in Australia are complying to genocidal policies which have in turn been metered out by the Australian Federal Government.

IMG 9420.1 Uluru Dreaming 2012
Remote Community at Uluru is Mutujulu
These greedy colonists want the land for Uranium mining and they will stop at nothing to get this land.  There is zero concern for ancient works of art that are more than precious in nature by these greedy whores.  They want to erase all links to anything that shows these people have been here since the dawn of time albeit that is a very long long time.  To argue about the exact length of time is perilous and useless because we all know it was for at least 70 thousand years plus.

Shutting remote communities in Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland is nothing shy of a land grab and the desire to ignore any Aboriginality facts by these faceless men is a sign of substantial greed and avarice and their filthy ego's are similarly stroked by such a land grab from such oppressed peoples.

These policies move the first people from their spiritual homelands and it gives mining companies the illegal rights to bulldoze cave art and sacred areas.  The flow on effects of this are being hidden and the effects are being hidden by illusions of media.  The finite minds eat this rubbish up as truth and therefore unwittingly are apart of this extremely serious problem.

This is a travesty that is on par with the burning of the libraries at Alexandria a few thousand years ago.  That burning was a similar attempt to cover the truth of who we really are and what our divinity nature actually affords us if we recognize this in ourselves and in others.  They covered so much wisdom then and they are bringing this same oppression on all and the white assimilation is none less this and largely goes unnoticed by the masses.  They will be the ones who will be the most grossly effected by what is coming, it is their own hand which has put them there.  They refused to believe absolute truth in preference for what they thought was truth but it was merely relative truth for themselves only and the real truth was passed over by them.   The material plane is playing out nature in all of its glorious self.

It is the time for great suffering and with that there will be great joy not dissimilar to the birthing pains of childbirth.

Please read The Stringer article "Here is part of the list of threatened Homelands – “remote communities”  by Gerry Georgatos

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