Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A New Chapter begins on the New England Highlands!

22nd day of the month and we unpack the Truck.... Number 22 is a number of power and accomplishment. 

Raleigh Removals - Dean and Jeff
I was excited this unpacking day fell on April 22.   This is because those two's do show up to me often.  The number 22 is a significant number which and is 2 appearing twice and this strengthens the message it is carrying.  The # 2 relates to our Divinity Path and our souls journey of learning.   Having this number significant shows the self to keep doing the great work.  The clear message here is to keep working consistently on my divine purpose which is the infinite consciousness (God) experiencing itself through creation.
Most everything was packed into the substantial shed that we now have.  It comes complete with a cement floor and lining and so our chatels were taken in there straight from the truck.  The old black hand painted fridge and my sadly rusting washing machine did however come in today while the boys were here to help as both are quite heavy and awkward to cart around alone. 

We have a lot of cleaning to finish off to be able to live alright, albeit a temporary clean for now.  So today while Brice helped the boys unpack the truck, I concentrated on cleaning the bathroom from top to bottom. 

After all of the hard work we carried out today we needed a great shower and a clean good bed so I was diligent and washed the walls in our bedroom, mopped the uncovered wooden floors and then  we put up our bed and made it with all the doonas we owned.

I felt good because I had cleaned the bathroom and toilet to a spick fashion. The kitchen too was given a fair good clean bench wise.  Tomorrow we will clean all of the cupboards.  Today was simply a huge day from start to finish too and today also started at about 4:30am.

When the removal boys arrived at our house this morning they were able to convey to us what had happened with the major weather event south of us where we are here at our beloved Dungog.

Dungog floods
Four people lost their lives in an absolute freak storm for that area.  It kind of shook Jeff Guest the removals guy up because only yesterday I was telling him the reason why we were leaving the coast to get to higher ground. 

I told him it was vitally important to me to get to a place where I could feel safer.    I  have been predicting strange things weather wise for some years now numbering about three years.  In my opinion being on the edge of the Pacific Ocean on a cliff which was really a midden  was not where I wanted to weather this weather event I think is on route.  My past recurring dreams of water hitting Dorrigo Mountain was a large contributing factor along with the fact I am a poor swimmer.
Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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