Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Its Tidy Tuesday and it's the gigantic "Moving Day"!

Biggest shout out to Jeff and Dean from Raleigh Removals at Raleigh NSW... these guys were awesome.  So awesome in fact, they packed my handbag in the front of the truck.  Lunch time came and I looked for my bag and realized it must have been packed so we unpacked the truck to find it and there it was. 

That was just one of those funny things that day that made arriving at our new house happen at night time in the freezing cold in the dark.  It was a lot of work that day, a huge drive at the end of the day and a cold arrival but the spirits were red hot in all of us. 

Excitement was the order of the entire day.  Phoenix and Sooty were transported safely to their new home.   Sooty went with Aunty Kay in her vehicle and Phoenix travelled with us in our vehicle. Once at Guyra we stopped to check on how things were going with Sooty.  Things were pretty difficult and so we inherited Sooty our black female cat into our car as well.  She who incidentally would not move from Aunty Kay's lap the entire previous part of the trip from Urunga. 

The cleaning of the house was all done as awesome as we could.  We had done a lot of preparation while waiting to leave that made that part easy.  Our neighbors on both sides were simply amazing with their help and their well wishes. 

Ronny mowed our lawn for us as it rained right up to our leaving which made it impossible to remedy ourselves and so that was a blessing indeed.  My friends all pitched in to help on last days.  Suzie taking my largest crows nest that was simply huge and Ian taking all of the others home to Kathy made that easier for us.  Easier for me to part with them to friends too.

 So we arrived at our new home and I slept in the tent again in the lounge room and Aunty Kay on the camp stretcher and Brice in the chair.  It is a wonder we didn't freeze right there and then (jokes).  We all arrived to our destination safely thank the mightiness of the stars above us.  

Aunty Kay was an absolute legend from start to finish with keeping us all on task and continuity of work for the entire day from 5am this morning.  I was touched to see Gail and Shelby and for Shelby to see the truck filling up so she knew I had moved house and not run away from her.  Gail gave me a lovely present with the cutest little notebook with tiny pen...  I loved this and I was sad to say farewell to our many years of fun together in Urunga.  Our Christmas's every year together since we moved down there from Bellingen.  Playground fun with Shelby and her first swim at the beach are the things that will tug most at my heart strings.

My own children are grown up now.  My youngest Montana-Star visited with her partner Anaan last evening for a few hours and I can barely put down here how much I will miss being only ten minutes away from them.  Life goes on and they will probably head out into the great wide world themselves at some stage like most of the young guys do,  like we did also.  

So ended this big huge gigantic day for Brice and myself as we left our home for the last few decades.  This is a huge change and we both needed this for us to move on from the sadness of the past and the loss of so much.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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