Friday, April 24, 2015

Contemplate the costs!

Money is what is driving our society today.  Greed is the material existence of the masses and this manifests on the evolution of the planet.  The evolution becomes dense and low resonant vibrations are ever evident, getting lower and lower until everyone forgets who they are in their divine nature over the great cycle.

Australian One Hundred Dollar Notes ... lots of the John Monash's.
We have just moved house.  This action can be fraught with difficulty where finances are concerned for the ordinary person.  It is an expensive practice to move residence.  All aspects of this act cost an arm and a leg so to speak. 

The moving truck was a figure that would shock the socks off most and this prevents many from moving from a place that no longer resonates with them.  Staying put only makes you sick if you are unhappy.  It is wise to move the soul on as nothing in the universe rests and we should imitate the great universe for happy living.

It should shout to all who can see that my word is gold because this is me in the great act of "thinking then acting" as a part of the All.   I said I would move in five years and it is exactly to the day five years.  The All creates and manifests and the quicker people realize this creative instinct in themselves the better off we will all be as a functioning entity.  I recognize this and I wish others would also.


On the history of this particular issue of $100 note.  The polymer issue was designed by Bruce Stewart, and features portraits of soprano Dame Nellie Melba and engineer and First World War general Sir John Monash.  Monash was born in Dudley Street, West Melbourne, Victoria, on 27 June 1865, the son of Louis Monash and his wife Bertha, née Manasse.  He was born to Jewish parents, both from Germany (the family name was originally spelt Monasch and pronounced with the emphasis on the second syllable), living in Krotoschin in the Kingdom of Prussia, now Krotoszyn in the Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland. 

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Sir John Monash
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The family spoke German as their native language, and some sources describe them as being of German origin. John Monash was awarded the Order of the Bath for his military Service and to me it is the old guard raising its war monger head in a family in Australia and here is further proof of this.  The Order consists of the Sovereign (currently Queen Elizabeth II), the Great Master (currently The Prince of Wales), and three Classes of members:
  • Knight Grand Cross (GCB) or Dame Grand Cross (GCB)
  • Knight Commander (KCB) or Dame Commander (DCB)
  • Companion (CB) (Wiki)
The title of the Order is late medieval in origin. It arose from the ritual washing (inspired by the washing of baptism), a symbol of spiritual purification, which formed part of a knight's preparations for the conferment of knighthood.

The honour was not conferred until the candidates had prepared themselves by various rituals designed to purify the inner soul by fasting, vigils and prayer, and cleansing themselves by bathing.
The earliest mention in an official document, after the crowning of William I, of the ceremony of bathing at the creation of a knight was that of 15-year-old Geoffrey count of Anjou (later husband of Mathilda) in 1128. 
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