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Unemployment skyrockets... NSW Govt. says India!

After the March election the New South Wales government are looking to outsource a stack of positions / jobs to India.  The number bandied around is 240 but this could rise to hundreds more.  There are other options to choose from, but it appears the preference for the 'Indian' option is in the lead.

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OPTUS has been outsourcing for a very long time.
We have an obligation as humans wanting a fair go to stand up and say a very loud 'No' to this absolute lunacy by government! 

The jobs going overseas are not going to help the rising unemployment we are experiencing here one iota.  It seems as queer as a pig flying to think this is sensible or to think the general public will react favorably.  The general public will be like me - they will be looking dismayed and will surely be saying, "Are they Dreaming"?   If the general public are not outraged at this crazed nonsense, I will eat my hat because how could they not be?

Government decisions in this vein are complete lunacy on steroids and the Australia institution of government on all levels has gone completely bonkers to even attempt this.  The employment to India is already rife with energy companies and phone carriers billing this way.   I have a lot of trouble understanding these people and I thought I was great with accents.   I struggle with the Indian - English translations, its fast and has no flow to the language.   It can only be seen as craziness to load more jobs over seas given 99% of people don't want this to happen.

It is an insult to peoples intelligence - Economics is seemingly ruling the common sense part of the politicians brain in all levels of government from the top Federally through the state governments and all the way down to local councils forming Super Councils.  None of this is good for the country.

Unions appear to be up in arms because thousands of jobs will eventually be on the line if the greedy goads of government get their way rubbing their economic hands together like they are doing here already.

AGL Outsource to India already.

The problem of outsourcing positions to India has been an issue with Australians now for a few years with certain power companies outsourcing all of the accounting procedures to India.  "Red Energy" being the only Energy company to not use outsourcing.  This is the only reason we are with this company.  All other energy companies outsource.

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Below is a funny video of a radio programmer on air trying to get correct answers to his quiz questions and somehow everyone who calls up answers "INDIA".  This really happened and he really thought everyone was in one room.

He didn't get it did he.  The answer was outsourced to the public and the public answered with India.  The answer was always India no matter what the question.

For more information HERE  NSW government plans to outsource jobs to India.

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