Monday, March 09, 2015

Moving a town for a mine .. are they dreaming? ISDS strikes again..

RIO TINTO : A poster child for corporate malfeasance.

 Rio Tinto controls gross assets of $81 billion in value across the globe, with main concentrations in Australia (35%), Canada (34%), Europe (13%), and the United States (11%), and smaller holdings in Africa (3%), South America (3%), and Indonesia (1%).

Rio Tinto

The Bulga residents are going to keep fighting the Rio Tinto Mine expansion although there is a heavy threat over them about how much it could cost them. I fear they don't understand that these guys never lose no matter what it costs them because it is psychopathic greed.

The points below sums the entirety of this up.   Because the laws changed in preparation for the TPP an because of the Trade agreements made already in place and the fact that projects like will come under an ISDS which Rio Tinto already know it will win.  It is set up to be a corrupt entity to do specifically this for those specific people who could only operate in corruption.
  • The NSW EDO has had its funding stripped and made into a toothless tiger after  two successful challenges against the mine expansion.  Those events are definitely connected. 
  • The NSW state government changed the Mining State Environmental Planning Policy and these changes in legislation now impact how a project is assessed. The Economic outcomes are the only consideration in assessing a project and not environment or hertiage or culture or people even, only money.
WARKWORTH EXTENSION / Renew economy article read here
Rio Tinto is owned by Rothschild.  They are about getting their own way always.  Moving a town is nothing to them if that keeps the slaves happy.   Its all about keeping the free range slaves working and relatively blinded and happy by the smell of money. 

 At the end of the 1880s, control of the firm was passed to the Rothschild family, who greatly increased the scale of its mining operations.

Another dialectic choice where the answer we pick was not ever on the list in the first place.  This is a false choice and people are hoodwinked to think otherwise.

We are clearly in the hands of Psychopathic individuals with too much money and no heart left in their spindly bodies.  I think this is the most disgusting load of outrage besides all of the other loads of outrage I have heard this weekend... but this actually is just up there with all of it - there is so much craziness going on it cannot be anything else but planned.  I have lost count on the issues at hand - there are just that many of them.

Read more about moving an entire town to satisfy the corrupt wheels of finance that flogs our planet daily like she is a slave to humanity.  The lack of respect for the planet is insane.
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