Saturday, March 07, 2015

Dreams of books inspired by Need and Urgency!

I dreamed about my BOOKS!  This happened because a lot of my books have been very damaged from being stored in the shed.   I have had 75 boxes of books stored for five years due to space confines.  Medical Books, Herbals, Reference books of all descriptions and a million dictionary's

On inspection so many were cockroach stained.   We have wiped down several cartons of books (taken days).

I broke down and cried because the cockroach excrement was on the sides of all the pages.   I was pretty broken in my spirit and I felt so awful and I felt that way because all of my life my books have never been left to fend for themselves in the elements. 

I went to sleep and before I slept I asked for an answer ----> I woke up with the answer.

**** "SANDPAPER" ***

Books are made of trees and trees are wood and you sand wood to revive or smooth the finish of this and so I sandpapered the edges around the three sides of the book holding it closed tight and firm and Voila!

It was like a magic fix, it was just like when they were brand new!  I just smiled widely and went WOW!  I dreamed this idea and so I looked out and simply said thank you!  I was so grateful for this inspiration.  I relaxed and thought well we can fix the problem, all is not lost after all.

A lot of the magazines were in the same state.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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