Monday, March 02, 2015

Signing Your Life Away To Coal Seam Gas

Watching this video you are listening to one of Australia's thousands of  unheard farmers who have had to suffer the lies and bully tactics of the Coal Seam Gas companies.  The bullying that government encourages, they certainly don't do anything about it so this means they encourage this.  The government is acting in a treasonous manner allowing the water supply to be poisoned the way it has been in so many places.  This is the evidence I saw with my own eyes.


The Frackman Movie is now starting to show around towns up and down the coast as well, get along and see the horror stories of Coal Seam Gas in Australia.   Dayne has aged a lot since I first met him.  You see how the Gas hell has done a fine job on aging him, however gracefully.   As many of the other farmers say, they would much rather be farming than fighting Gas companies to save their way of life as farmers and they know they have to because Government are not listening.  The water is at stake here, the basins are compromised by this illicit drilling and none of our basin waters are safe from this filthy industry

IMG 2414 Dayne's Place
Dayne Pratzky - Frackman
For a full run down on the Frackman Movie go to the Website for FRACKMAN the Movie

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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