Saturday, February 28, 2015

MRI's tells us about Canine Brain activity!

Phoenix eyeballing me
What an absolutely fascinating article about dog brain activity, behaviour and dog feelings.   Mostly all of what is in this article below we have experienced with our dog.  I had only said two days ago when she was watching like she was listening to me talk to my partner.  I flashed a look at her and said half jokingly, "What are you thinking about this Phoenix".  I then said to my partner I often wonder what she is thinking. 

This new research reveals a lot of interesting things.   Our dog frets terribly in storms and comes for us to be with us and so that is also like a child as is said in the research.  Our dog feels earthquakes 2 hours flight away in New Zealand and behaves the same as when there is a storm outside and there isn't a cloud in the sky but she feels NZ quakes.  I think she is amazing.

Read Full article here: "Brain Scans Reveal What Dogs Really Think of Us"

So when your dog looks into your eyes they way they do, now you know that they are telling you the only way they can besides mental impressions, they love you very much.  Reading this made me feel very warm inside.
Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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