Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Lazaruz calls for Royal Commission into the Mining impacts on humans!

IMG 2341 Another Australian Shame - Tara Gas Hub QLD.
Tara on the road out of Dalby and Chinchilla
This weekend I travelled to Dalby and Chinchilla to visit farmers and landowners affected by CSG mining. Queenslander's are on their knees. Property owners are suffering. Many people across the region rely on tank and bore water to live, irrigate, feed their stock and operate their properties.

CSG mining has devastated water sources. Bores and wells have dried up, water is being contaminated, animals are dying and people are becoming very ill.

I am calling for a Royal Commission into the Human Impact of mining, in particular CSG mining and the establishment of a Resources Ombudsman. The people of Queensland need a voice and they need help. Governments and corporations can no longer be allowed to turn a blind eye to what is happening.
While I support the resources sector and understand the important role the sector plays in Australia, the health and welfare of our people must come first and this must NEVER be compromised.

Post by Glenn Lazarus.

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