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Anthony Roberts pulls the BUY BACK LICENCES Trick!

I personally think they picked on the Northern Rivers area to tie up the most active people in Australia in their own back yard and prevent them from looking elsewhere.  They were dreaming if it was because although it did make numbers thin on the ground it did masses for educating people on the true extent of the damage already and it was invaluable in networking people to head to other areas if they could go.   I have long thought the Gas Industry cronies thought they had it sewn up hitting the areas around Nimbin for instance.  Did they think people wouldn't care.  No!  They knew they would care and come in droves and that meant they were not in droves at the Pilliga NSW and at Gloucester NSW, where it was always going to go ahead.  I personally think this was the plan all along.

I quote a form letter sent to a friend regarding AGL's intentions from here on in at the Gloucester Gas Project:

Dear Ms Barbour
Thank you for your recent email regarding the exhibition of the Construction Environment Management Plan, or CEMP, for the Gloucester Gas Project. AGL consults widely and regularly about all aspects of the Gloucester Gas Project, including the CEMP, and first announced that these documents would be made available for consultation via advertising in the Gloucester Advocate on 4 February 2015.

While I acknowledge your concern about the opportunity to provide feedback on the CEMP, it should be noted that these are preliminary drafts which will go through further phases of development. Although we are not required to open these documents for community consultation, we did so after receiving a request via the Gloucester Dialogue.

AGL has been talking with the Gloucester community since 2009 and takes the obligation to consult with locals seriously. In addition to sharing documents such as the CEMP with the community, we also regularly hold information sessions, briefings and events where the public can review plans and put questions to our team. This is part of our program of work to keep the community up-to-date about our work via newsletters, emails, and community advertising.

I thank you for taking the time to share your concerns, and I hope this information is of some assistance.

Karyn Looby
Manager Community Relations
Gloucester Gas Project
IMG 2802 No Csg Horse Float

I quote: ....John Watts, a spokesman for anti-CSG group, Gloucester Groundswell, dismissed Wednesday's announcement as "a cheap publicity stunt".
"It has nothing to do restoring integrity and accountability to the coal seam gas industry," Mr Watts said. "The areas being bought back have no commercial quantities of gas."
"If the Minister was serious about integrity and accountability he would immediately suspend AGL's CSG licence in Gloucester where it has no social licence, where it has failed to honestly consult the community and where it has been vandalising the beautiful environment."
"Once again the small community of Gloucester is being cynically sacrificed because it has few voters," Mr Watts said.
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PELs will be bought back and government will then “identify the most suitable and capable proponents” for the areas deemed suitable for exploration.
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