Tuesday, March 17, 2015

IMG 1891 Moon is in the last quarter here and it is in Aries
A clever sky above!
This is a very exciting time above us in the sky! The energies generated by these planetary movements should not be discounted by anyone as it effects you all. You sort of can't actually stop this because it is governed by true law, we refer to this as Natural Law of which there are seven natural laws. Not sure the tinfoil hat will do any good to the cold and heartless who turn away and smirk. Unlucky! is all i can say because that attitude from the heart generates a resonate frequency the universe recognizes .. just saying! I would be careful during this time as the energy is very strong.

March 20th 2015, the moon will cover the sun resulting in blocking approximately 98 % of the light from the sun.   

On the evening of the 19th March the Earth and Moon will be as close together as these two can possibly get to each other and this will cause the phenomenon called the "Supermoon".  There was a super moon when I was at Uluru and the moon was simply huge and pink and Perigee.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography


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