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So many Refugees standing inside of Australia who are Australians?

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The story is just limitless and this isn't limited to the original people either.  There are farmers displaced by the big banks and there are mothers displaced because of mining and availability of affordable accommodation and there are those that stand up and spend weeks away from home helping where ever they can. There are so many layers.

In Western Australia the powder keg of revolution is about to burst with an entire state on overload from the constant barrage from a government that clearly thinks in $ notes not human capital.
The camp is set up on Matagarup, also known as Heirisson Island, just off Perth and was the site of the Nyoongar Tent Embassy in 2012, established to protest the Barnett government’s billion dollar deal to settle the historic Single Nyoongar Claim over Perth. The Tent Embassy were protesting the extinguished native title.

All  this unrest has all of the earmarks of a people rising up against it in such a big way in answer to the madness.  The original people are the ones who are sick of being purposely downtrodden by a corrupt government who play word games and money games.  Wasting more money than they use or in places on things that just don't matter. The farmers who grow the food are sick of being pushed around and off their farms to make way for mines.  It cannot be retrieved from this psychopathic behavior.

They talk about education and I cannot see what the problem is here with this at all.  There are surely enough educated Aboriginal people now who are fully capable of teaching in remote places as the government calls them.  Isn't this what all that education was about so that aboriginal people could be self determining.  They are a far cry from that!

The ongoing absolute inability to understand the connection to the land with the people is the reason why its all so desperate now.  So many sucking wages from a government going no where with this. Public servants have no idea and are wandering blind chasing their very own tails as paid slaves enslaved to a corrupt system.

Barnett’s proposed remote community were highlighted after Prime Minister Tony Abbott said earlier this week that the taxpayer shouldn’t be expected to fund “lifestyle choices”. have a Petition to sign [HERE] please sign this petition if you found it here for the first time as this is part of a many pronged defense against the violence of government decision making guided by the love of money.
Closing remote Aboriginal communities in Australia and moving Aboriginal people into the cities will cause displacement and discourse. Aboriginal people have lived thousands of years in these remote areas,they have cultural significances to the people, yet Colin Barnett the Premier of Western Australia is making yet another excuse to remove Aboriginal people off their home lands. Colin Barnett has a purpose for this land for mining and jobs. The premier does not care for cultural history of Australia's first people, its all about economy, greed and capitalism for  uranium mining investors. Two hundred and twenty seven years Australia's first people have been subjected to being removed from their lands. We have been subjected to continual discourse, disruption from our culture. Our well being has and still is being compromised. Please support my course, so Aboriginal people will not be subjected to further alienation of a culture that holds so many stories that hold significant sacred history for well over 65,000 years.
Letter to
Colin Barnett premier of Western Australia
 Stop the closure of remote Aboriginal communities in Australia

0093.1- Anangu Woman

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