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Today in Bellingen people from across the shire were extremely vocal about the genocidal government policies responsible for closing remote aboriginal communities and the cultural suicide this practice has already shown to cause. People were vocal regarding the audacity of the Abbott to speak of Culture as a lifestyle choice (Flying from Sydney to Canberra for work is a lifestyle choice).

Thank goodness the shire has such a high number of people who are aware of the ongoing atrocities on culture which are largely reported on in a false nature in Lamestream media. We send our condolences to the communities that have been bulldozed flat and the ease at which governments can extinguish thousands of years of knowledge and lore and then have no conscience alarm these decisions actually constitute Genocide. Shame on them but props to those that stood today in solidarity with heart.

The crowd were energetic to show solidarity and so proceeded to march fair up the main street of Bellingen blocking Waterfall Way in both directions east and west. 

This was not a planned move by the those standing up for Western Australia, it just happened.  It was fine and not trouble erupted from this decision and a lot of shop keepers were caught off guard by the noisy street demonstration.

New Matilda: 'Refugee Camp' For Aboriginal People Moved Off Remote Communities Ordered To Close

13 Mar 15: "Pressure is being placed on a Perth camp established to give shelter to Aboriginal people forced off their land by the Barnett government. Amy McQuire reports. ... Nyoongar activist Marianne McKay told New Matilda last week "this is how we feel as Aboriginal people. We feel like refugees in our own country". A spokeswoman for the city of Perth told ABC that camping was not permitted under the island’s local laws. But Ms McKay told New Matilda last week that the state’s heritage laws mean protesters have a right to be there to undertake traditional practices." By Amy McQuire, a Darumbul woman from central Queensland, the former editor of the National Indigenous Times and Tracker.
Matagarup (Nyoogar) Herrison Island

Michael Anderson's Open Letter to the United Nations
To: H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of UN General Assembly, New York, NY 10017 USAFrom: Ghillar Michael Anderson, Convenor and Joint Spokesperson of Sovereign Union of First Nations and Peoples in Australia and Head of State of the Euahlayi Peoples RepublicRe: Refugee Camp in Perth and developing Humanitarian Crisi

3 Mar 15:

"As the appointed Ambassador of the original Aboriginal Embassy, the Convenor of the Sovereign Union and Head of State, Euahlayi Peoples Republic, I herewith bring to your attention the humanitarian crisis that has now developed in the state of Western Australia. This crisis is a consequence of the Western Australian government's policy of shutting down up to 150 Aboriginal homelands and communities, which they have wrongly stated to be financially 'unsustainable' and economically unviable. We regard these actions as an an act of war and aggression against the various tribal Nations in Western Australia.

Already we have seen the Lockridge Aboriginal community in Perth bulldozed with impunity after the Commonwealth government of Australia had just completed building new dwellings. The people are homeless and have now crowded into other family homes creating massive overcrowding, which leads to family confrontation and lateral violence that affects not only children but adults alike.

In the northern part of Western Australia the Aboriginal community of Oombulgurri was progressively closed down: First, the government closed the services. ... then eventually the electricity and water were turned off. Finally, the 10 residents who resolutely stayed to the end were forcibly evicted, ...

I call upon Your Excellency to make this humanitarian crisis known throughout the world. Furthermore, we ask that Your Excellency assist in the immediate provision of safeguards and protection of the refugee camp and to provide appropriate aid for the health and well-being of the refugees. ... " Michael Anderson
 Ghillar Michael Anderson and Mick Horn
Images @ Eminpee Fotography - Michael Anderson.

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