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"Media Impotence" is thrust into the Limelight.

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Flag bound horse rider from Grafton NSW at Parliament House

"They Came For The Abbott Spill, And Missed The Only Real Story In Town" By Amy McQuire from the New Matilda

Canberra often has an air of unreality about it. But it's only when a circus comes to town that the media's impotence is really exposed. Amy McQuire reports.  

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It was the "Cock Up" that wouldn't go away.   The two words, "Cock up and impotence"  is the norm  in Canberra.  I am referring to the endless talk fests and useless policies which get legislated.

During the past couple of months, Canberra's old Parliament house lawns, the site of the original 1974 Tent Embassy has been home for hundreds of indigenous Australians.  Some people have camped on and off since its inception in 1974.  

This latest influx are people who want "answers".  They are Sovereign people's who have had their entire lives monitored and ruined by many levels of uncaring, unhelpful, disjointed government.  This never ever ceased and for some it is a nightmare as long as their living  memory serves them.
The Genocide has continued for this nations Aboriginal people.  The desert  communities that are closed due to the basic services being turned off is a  new edition to the already numerous chapters of  the 'Book of Madness' this government appears to take its cues from.

Abbott is the most frightful Prime Minister to date, the polls prove it.  This is not just my opinion here.  The world thinks he is a goose and reports often on this.   So, here we have the complete commercial media reporting on the said  goose and around the corner appear a very vocal, gigantic contingent of flag waving, banner holding indigenous Australia's.

Megaphones in hand, this serious bunch of people (sovereigns) were in Canberra representing themselves and the elders and custodians of hundreds of aboriginal nations across this land.  (been there for months)

Oh what a shock this must have been for the lame stream media circus and their performing clowns. (hosts)

I found that part the most humorous.  'Genocide' is never funny.   Lame stream media definitely are. 

They simply had no idea this enormous group were 'InSitu' in Canberra.  The media were very obviously completely unaware of basic facts.  No one had told them that a few hundred meters away, just down the road down the tree lined avenue from their sterile O.B. space, was a makeshift city swelling by the hour of aboriginal people who want justice and who want media air time. 

It goes without saying that media doesn't report on these issues.  This time they had absolutely no choice, they had to.

Clive Palmer's interview on the 'Abbott Liberal leadership Spill' is drowned out by hundreds of protesting aboriginal people.  Koch and Sam were in shock and Karl Stefanovic proved he is a liar,  promising the protestors he would speak with them at 11.00 when he got 'off'.   Got off being the operative word here, he did the deed and disappeared. He subsequently vanished into thin air minus talking to anyone and this was clearly a media ploy to buy peace by Channel Nine. 

This story of surprize was beamed across the planet. The rest of the world laughed out very loud (lol) as they saw the real truth unfold.  Frenzied reports were posted across media as the Australian commercial media and illegal Australian parliament were caught with their pants down and their hand on 'it'.
“The Stolen Generations never stopped. It’s a continuation. They just changed the language of it".    ~ Debra Swan ~

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