Thursday, February 12, 2015

It's 'Midnight' at Tara - Queensland ... make no mistakes!

Brian Story memorial, Tara, Queensland
Image by Mark    - The Brian Story Memorial, Tara Queensland

 The land must be healed for the people to be healed.

Brian is clearly saying this to people "how can you continue to trust this system". "All of the politicians are the same self serving, selfish, narcissistic persons who give with one hand and take twice as much with the other by the splendid use of dialectics.  

This is my interpretation, and I stand behind Brian with this opinion.  Although, we may differ in the manner in which we think it can be healed.  Personally,  I look forward to cultural change being manifested.  I see a vision for the earth, and the earth being put first and foremost.   This has to be done immediately, because a sick land has sick people. 

 The land must be healed for the people to be healed.

Well, I guess most people who have seen me in videos and Youtube's have watched me crying, pretty much everywhere really. Well I'm at it again this morning. I just found the old digital camera and have gone for a stroll or stumble down memory lane, a sad sad journey.

Took me all the way back to when my grandchildren were only just becoming impacted by this filthy unconventional gas industry. Back to a time when I believed in government departments, back to a time when honest public servants could have saved impacts on my family, not by doing anything but their job properly.

It is slap you in the face obvious experience when you go back a few years and a lot of birthday images in a short while. Someone yesterday spoke of justice, we have experienced injustice at its extreme and know it will never be addressed.

To watch what is now alarmingly obvious as rashes appeared and went, a string of photos of kids with blood noses, young faces in distress and we didn't see it at the time, I cry in guilt and I shudder in anger at the same time if that makes sense. To go back to to a time when there was no thought of epileptic seizures, no fear of them, no sleepless nights because of them. No changed personality that appeared in reverse before my eyes.

Anyway, Australians have chosen to allow us, lots of us out here to become collateral damage, lots more to follow, tens of thousands to follow. No need for university studies, it happens before your eyes.

Imagine of Q Health did their job and tested humans, children, what about the gas inspectors who found no hydrocarbon in a bore that lit, what about the LNG enforcement unit who changed to the CSG compliance unit and again to something i cant remember and will again under the new government.  What about the CMC not investigating my complaint and in fact asking the very department I complained about to investigate not my complaint but one person who I already said was no doubt not corrupt just stupid.

So lets guess how many other families, how many other grand parents will have to look back at images of their lives changed forever because Australians said it was all worth it for the DEBT.

This industry creates more DEBT than it pays, we have the USA experience to prove that, but sadly we have no f@cking media to put it out to the public. Anyway, we were one of the first and that was before the industry was up and running, now I watch people around starting to fall like nine pins asking why were we not warned.

I did all I could think of to warn the population at large, you didn't listen, you said not in my backyard, we will use Brian's experience to warn our regions, and you should have. But every day the list of the HARMED grows, every day people flee, every day the government lies, the industry lies, every day.

I know people see me as an angry bitter disillusioned grandfather, I know I lash out often at those who don't deserve it, but i would say this simple fact, live my life and show me you could do better. Actually many of you WILL live my life, let me know how that goes.

The tears and the anger don't help, maybe some may save themselves using this warning, or maybe Australians will just say, why didn't someone warn us. This is a global assault for greed and control, don't worry I'm sure your polluticiians will save you.
IMG 2553 Ducks flying off over the Condamine River Queensland near Tara
Ducks flying west, we were driving east from Tara
  Images at Flickr

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