Friday, February 13, 2015

First Fluoride and now Lithium?

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Well it is no mistake the' powers that be' would seriously like to medicate the living heck out of us all on mass, why?   So that we all do exactly what they say we should do? That's why.

Yes, its long been my opinion that governments are not to be trusted.  I have always spoken from a personal perspective regarding what has happened to me and my relationship with government, being a ward of the state.  A state ward, government kid.  I tell you its very true.

Anyway, here is the story about the Lithium in the United Kingdom. 

They stop people from living in harmony and farm them and they get sick.  This is just the exact opposite to what will actually help anyone.  This has got to rated as Mad Science played by Mad Scientists who work for even madder bosses (government) who are ruled by the pharmaceutical companies who stand to make a fortune out of the contrat - jobs for the boys again situation. 

Nothing changes, it has always been the same.

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