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Babakiueria from back in 1986

Satirical comedy.  This was put out in 1986 by a group of Redfern people.   They were sharp as tacks about the truth of what was the truth.

It took a while before a larger percentage woke up and now lots more people see the theft and the genocide that went on undocumented.  So many more folks speaking out and who are ashamed to be called Australian's because of such a dark and dreadful history.   - some of which is surfacing  now.  The treatment of children in institutions,  ripped from the arms of their mothers who were told they were going to a better life.  Instead,  they were brutalized and sexually abused and treated so badly it can hardly ever be excused.  The Church and the Government worked hand in hand to instigate this brutality.

The brutal genocide is ongoing and we are experiencing a third wave of definitive genocidal practices that are designed in a back handed way to eliminate cultural diversity.  (closing communities) (turning off water supply) (forced intervention).  Northern Territory government is a puppet government for the Federal System.  Their so called open gate to Indonesia.


 A satire of the theft of this land by the British colonizers in 1770.  The script follows the plan to fully turn everything around the other way.  This is done to point out the blatant theft and the genocidal practices carried out on the first people of this land who did not invite this war nor did they consent to treatise.

Theft will always  be theft and until the truth is revealed regarding the white man's own law saying what they themselves have done is actually theft.
Babakiueria is named as a result of first contact between the coloniser's and the natives. Arriving at a barbecue area, the settlers ask the locals, ‘What’s this place called?’

Presenter Duranga Manika (Michelle Torres) looks back at this moment and at white people’s place in contemporary Babakiuerian society. She also spends time with a ‘typical’ white family.  Australian Screen
IMG 2471 Dancing in the Smoke from the sacred Fire
Dancing in the smoke of the sacred fire at the Buninj Boothrum

 Tomorrow, the country blindly celebrates Australia Day.  This day is  an extremely sad day for the first peoples of the land. 

The Australia Day / Invasion Day Celebration begin once again for 2015.  I will never forgive such a blind government that refuses to at least change the date of this b.s. national celebration of death . 

They ought to be ashamed to call themselves leaders.  Politicians who are happy to continue to perform such contrived acts of  pain against the original people whose ancestors were brutalized for the sake of the colonists.  It must stop.

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