Monday, January 26, 2015

Uncle Kev Buzzacott is calling us back.

Poster from the LIZARDS REVENGE
UNCLE KEVIN BUZZACOTT is an ARABANA MAN the ancestors hold in high regard.
"A passionate and effective advocate for sustainable water management and for responsibility, respect and recognition of the rights, aspirations and traditional knowledge of Australia’s Indigenous peoples.

Kevin is a cultural practitioner, an activist, an advocate and an educator. He has traveled tirelessly, talking to groups large and small about the impacts of uranium mining and the threats posed by the nuclear industry". 
Kevin has had a profound impact on the lives of many people – especially young people – with his many tours and ‘on-country’ events. For many young activists ‘Uncle Kev’ is truly an unsung hero and, against the current pro-nuclear tide, his is a very important struggle and story.  Wikipedia

IMG 0216.1 South Australia
Lake Dieri (lake eyre)
"The Dieri’s neighbours were the Thirrari and Arabana (to the west), the Kuyani and Adnyamathanha (south), the Yandruwandha and Yawarrawarga (east), and the Ngamini and Wangkangurru (north).

The Dieri language is quite similar to Thirrari and Ngamini — speakers could understand one another easily. These languages also seem to be related to Yandruwandha and Yawarrawarga, with which they share much common vocabulary.

The other languages to the west and south are quite different, however. Today no-one speaks these neighbouring languages."   Read more here
The Dieri Aboriginal Corporation seems to have been hijacked as well because the
  Director Frank Warren says this and its a really big worry, "We also recognise by this determination of course, that other people have rights in that area as well; the state, pastoralists,
mining companies, and other Aboriginal communities.”   

He says he has plans that are difficult at times etc..  Listen to the recording of the celebration of the Dieri people receiving Native Title.   Native Title and ABoriginal corporations are not any help in this land.  Corporations are killing the planet.  An indigenous person has lost their heart if they say yes to MINING on their land they caretake.     Click Link to See the Full Transcript from the Transcontinental Port Agusta.

Uncle Kevin must get very frustrated with this man Frank Warren.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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