Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Patriarch Irineos Greek Orthodox

Reaching to God things
Patriarch Irineos dumped as the prelate of Jerusalem.  This is a story of intrigue that pricks my senses.  The part where it feels like its a scam.  I often read of world events and tend to see things in a completely different light to what is expected I would see with the information forthcoming on such events that concern world events and the people of the planet.

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There is of course some long term plan afoot.  Why the hell would there not be?  That is perhaps a more apt question?  Why not?  Because it has always been the case throughout history.  They just got better and better and utilizing the people for their own needs.  In effect my friend calls this 'farming' the people. 

English: Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, fresco at a...
English: Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, fresco at a greek orthodox church (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The tax system of today is a veritable scam to continue to fill these coffers for these hidden power mongers who wield the powers behind governments.  They wield the power and we think it is the politician who does this.  It is highly likely it isn't but it is also highly likely the pay off for this privledge is well compensated and hidden so well that not even a  red dime is recognizable to the unwitting.

Some call this ruling with smoke and mirrors.  I tend to agree.  It is meant to look like something it isn't.  This is done to create an illusion and hide where the true battle belongs.  All the time, keeping in mind, this is a game.  The players stay well hidden so there is a continence to this game of cat and political mouse. 

This is part of the sick illusory game and it is to gain and end and to 'time waste' and thus keep the people fully occupied by believing this is where it's at to find a solution.   All the time the other hand is performing something completely different while the peoples backs are turned watching a scripted game play out.  


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