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The Argead dynasty

Coat of arms of Macedon
Coat of arms of Macedon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Argead dynasty  was an ancient Greek royal house that ruled  Macedonia circa 700 to 310 BCE.

Their culture, as found in ancient Greek history traces  their origin to Argos.  Argos is in southern Greece.  The name Argeads or Argives is evidence of this origin.
"In the early 5th century the royal house of Macedonia, the Temenidae was recognised as Greek by the Presidents of the Olympic Games. Their verdict considered themselves to be of Greek descent from Heracles son of Zeus." Hammond 1986, p. 516:

"In historical times the royal house traced its descent from the mythical Temenus, king of Argos, who was one of the Heracleidae, and more immediately from Perdiccas I, who left Argos for Illyria, probably in the mid-seventh century BC, and from there captured the Macedonian plain and occupied the fortress of Aegae (Vergina), setting himself up as king of the Macedonians. Thus the kings were of largely Dorian Greek stock (see PHILIP (1)); they presumably spoke a form of Dorian Greek and their cultural tradition had Greek features." Howatson & Harvey 1989, p. 339:
During the time of Philip II the Argeads had expanded to bring all the Upper Macedonian states under their rule.

Notable Argeads were Philip II of Macedonia and Alexander the Great  The mythical founder of the Argead dynasty is King Caranus.

Alexander the Great under whose leadership, the kingdom of Macedonia gradually gained predominance throughout Greece, defeated the Achaemenid Empire and expanded as far as Egypt and India.   [Click links for more information]

Standard of Cyrus the Great, founder of the Ac...
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Standard of Cyrus the Great, founder of the Achaemenid Empire.

It is known as the: Derafsh-e Shahbaz-e-Talayi or the 'Golden Falcon'. The standard is described by Xenophon in Cyropaedia (Book VII, C.1) as: "...and the word went down the lines, "Eyes on the standard and steady marching!". The standard was a golden eagle, with outspread wings, borne aloft on a long spear-shaft, and to this day such is the standard of the Persian king." (however here he is describing Artaxerxes II's standard at Cunaxa). Wiki

A current politicians name in Australia is Nicholas "Nick" Xenophon (born Xenophou; 29 January 1959) and he is an independent Senator for South Australia. 

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