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Live coverage of Phillip Hughes funeral service

Live coverage of Phillip Hughes funeral service:
Macksvilled mourned the loss of Phillip along with Aussie Cricketers old friends and his family.
The Order of Service

  • Introductory Rites: Opening music Forever Young
  • Welcome and opening prayer
  • Liturgy of the Word
  • First Reading: read by James Henderson
  • Responsorial Psalm
  • Gospel: read by Father Peter Jones
  • Prayers of the Faithful: read by Samantha Trodden
  • The Lord's Prayer
  • Eulogy from family: Nino Ramunno, Jason Hughes, Megan Hughes
  • Tributes: Corey Ireland, Michael Clarke
  • Final commendation and farewell
  • Prayer of commendation
 Forever Young was played to mark the start of the service. This set the scene for an emotional service for everyone there and all those who love the game of cricket.  This is history because no one has ever died from playing before. 

Shane Warne's tribute.
"He had a cheeky smile and he was good fun and, you know, a lot of people have said it is a good guy that has gone.
"That is true because he was one of the good guys."
 Michael Hussey described Phillip Hughes as "a great little bloke".
"It's going to be a sad day today. I hope we can celebrate his life because he was a champion bloke.

"Cheeky smile and infectious around the dressing room and he is going to be sorely missed, that's for sure."

I watched the live coverage on the television on channel 7 which was broadcast from Macksville NSW which isn't that far from here.  It was broadcast from inside of the MPC building at the Macksville High School which seated over a thousand people inside who gathered to say goodbye.  This school was Phillips former high school.

A huge storm brewed on the horizon and the wind was blowing hard as the service went on.  It was very moving service listening to people speak of such a passionate good guy. 

Phillip was a good kid who loved his Angus Cattle and desired to breed the best cattle and be a cattle farmer after cricket. He worked very hard and was diligent in all he did with high regard for his family and his cattle and his friends and he wore his #408 baggy green with a great deal of well deserved pride.
IMG 2907 Crossing at Macksville
Macksville Bridge
My own son is this age, 26 and born in 1988.  It brings his mortality to my mind and I have sent my love to these grieving parents who have lost their son with prayers offered up to the infinite universe.
Rest in Peace 
Phillip Hughes  
1988 - 2014

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