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Yaama  that means hello in Gamilaroi language, the language of the people of that land. We recognise the custodians of the land past and present. I do always come with great respect at all times.

I thought we should establish this point regarding respect because we are about to walk on sacred lands with our minds.   So, go with a good heart while walking through this sacred country with your mind and your eyes, spiritually speaking it is as good as being there so have great respect always.  And share this video to all of your friends.

IMG 7221 Dawn in Pilliga
Dawn in the Pilliga
This morning I watched this particular video I have put up here about the situation at the Pilliga.  The threats to this beautiful and astounding place.

The Pilliga, it is a name that is well known to a lot of people but a lot don't actually know where this is or how important it is to protect.  I had to learn a few years back exactly where it was and so I suppose there will be others after me who will be similar.

IMG 7164.9  SANTOS  We do what ever we want in NSW.

I had no idea that I had been past this area a few times in my youth traveling out west of Gunnedah on motor bikes.  I visited some spectacular places but we didn't venture into the Pilliga.  Now I understand why.   Jokingly I say those men I was riding with were probably afraid of the Pilliga yowie who is alive and well out there in the scrub with other yowie's.   The male is called Yowie and the female, she is called 'Yuuri'.

Yowies have a phone now.  I lost mine in the Pilliga this year when I visited this sacred and breathtaking area. Along with friends, I sat with the custodians of the Pilliga Forest.  I have heard the plea from their hearts and I hear it still in my sleep and in my wake.  I can't forget what is happening in the west.  I was shaken by the damage that had already happened and the attitudes of the brainless dead people walking is the most difficult to deal with.  Some people cannot grasp the importance.

Here is the video that was posted on Youtube and I dare say you will be touched like I wa.   Please join thousands of others to stand up to the invasion of mining.  Help save this place and all other places from Coal Seam Gas Mining by writing to politicians everywhere and speaking out to as many people in each day as you can possibly fit in with out wearing yourself thin to continue the battle for the protection of the PILLIGA. The sacred lands of the Gomileroi people of western New South Wales.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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